Tati's Hotel

The transmedia wizards at CLF have transformed the magical hotel of live-action preschool TV series, Tati's Hotel, into a fun-filled animated website!
Tati's Hotel is a co-production between Screen Door (Canada) and Machine Productions (UK,) the series is set to air on TV Ontario, in Canada. The TV series features the employees of a magical hotel, run by seven-year-old Tati, as they discover the world and the different people in it.  Each week Tati and her friends meet new guests from just about everywhere in this world and beyond! 
Thanks to participation from the Bell New Media Fund, the enchanting online world - brought to life through original animated artwork -  will allow kids to step inside the hotel where they can meet Tati and play fun games with her friends. The site is to be hosted on the TVOkids.com website. Hotel visitors can explore several fun minigames - each building upon specific preschool education objectives such as reading, geometry, memory, and pattern recognition.  With everything from variations on classic card games to tricky puzzles, the Tati's Hotel website is a fun place to discover, laugh and learn along with Tati and the gang.