Kids in the Hall Death Comes to Town

When Death gets off the Greyhound bus in small town Shuckton, Ontario, everyone is implicated when one of its most distinguished citizens is found murdered. The humour is classic Kids in the Hall, with plenty of visual gags mixed with off-colour, politically incorrect jokes that include a 'special child', a 600 pound hockey player and plenty of stuff to please those who are easily offended.

Death Comes to Town marks the long awaited return of Canada’s seminal sketch comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall.

The interactive steps into the bizarre world that is Kids in the Hall. What could be more North American than Kids in the Hall and Hockey? CLF is pleased to bring the two together in the world’s first ever Papervision based table-top rod hockey game. Square off against an AI enhanced Grim Reaper, but watch your back – He’s full of surprises!

Scott Thompson’s Heather Weather character was too good to just leave to TV... Using the CBC’s live weather page widgets as a backdrop, CLF was able to superimpose and create a series based "Channel 9 News" weather report starring Shuckton’s own Heather Weather. Using remote sensing, the site automatically shows the weather in your location with local Doppler and weather insights delivered daily by Heather Weather herself. ‘Tonight – 100% chance of darkness’.

CLF integrated Facebook Connect to enhance the online viewing experience. Fans from the show can now gather, comment and invite friends to join in the fun while watching episodes of their favourite new CBC series.

Death Comes To Town is produced by Accent-Kith Productions.