2012 Titanic Miniseries

To complement the 2012 TITANIC miniseries, CLF has created the TITANIC 2012 iPad app and immersive website. This digital content creates a unique integrated experience for viewers of the series and novice historians alike.

The website includes a narrated first-person tour of the ship, a multi-media interactive timeline and a wealth of behind-the-scenes information for viewers of the series.

The interactive TITANIC app (available on iTunes) consists of a three-part immersive journey that reveals the complexity of the tragic story, while enlightening and educating users about this hauntingly avoidable catastrophe. 


iPad users can build their own simulated ocean liner, navigate rich interactive diagrams and hear the true stories of real Titanic survivors.  
This digital triptych enables users to investigate, challenge, and relive some of the key decisions and turning points of the ship’s history.