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Oscura: Second Shadow, a classic platforming game with a super-stylized silhouette art style and organically crafted levels was today revealed by its developer, Chocolate Liberation Front and publisher, Surprise Attack Games.

Oscura: Second Shadow takes place in the dark fairy tale world of the Driftlands. Once again the lands have been plunged into absolute darkness and face destruction unless the Great Lighthouse can be restored. With only his eternally glowing hand to guide the way, Oscura, keeper of the lighthouse, sets out to save his home.

Coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on June 26, 2014, Oscura: Second Shadow is the sequel to the Webby-nominated Oscura, released in 2011. Inspired by early platformers such as the original Super Mario Bros. and Rayman games, the Oscura series combines classic platforming with modern design and aesthetic influences such as Tim Burton.


●      Hauntingly stylized levels lit only by the glowing hand of the player

●      Sequel to the Webby-nominated Oscura (2011)

●      Classic platforming through the filter of modern design

●      Designed and optimised for touch controls first

●      Coming to  iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on June 26, 2014


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More Info on Oscura: Second Shadow

Classic platforming meets modern design in a game built and optimised for touch controls.

The Driftlands are a gothic and frightening place at the best of times….And this is not the best of times. The Aurora stone has been stolen from the great Lighthouse by an unknown and shadowy creature. Without its light, the Driftlands will be destroyed.

Enter Oscura, our highly unlikely hero. He is the keeper of the lighthouse, and possesses a mysterious, eternally glowing hand. Oscura must travel the lands and gather the shards to restore the Aurora stone - before it is too late and darkness befalls on the whole universe.


Inspired by early platformers from the 1990’s, Oscura delivers a stripped down platforming experience through the filter of modern game and art design.


Built for touch devices from the ground up, Oscura: Second Shadow is optimised and designed around the capabilities and limitations of touch to ensure that the controls are never at fault.


Dive into the world of the Driftlands, where engineering meets nature and strange creatures stalk. With the Aurora stone shattered, Oscura’s glowing hand and the shards of the stone are the only light sources, creating a stark and beautiful silhouette art style.


Journey through 20 challenging levels, each crafted by hand rather than using tile-sets.


Slight of frame and without any weaponry or brute force, Oscura must rely on his wits and reflexes to avoid foes and hazards alike. He’s no hero, just doing his job.


Completing levels is one thing, collecting all four stars for each level is quite another. Replay levels to perfect your run and beat the goals for time, collecting cogs, shards and getting through without dying.


About the Developer

Ole Alfheim first worked on an early prototype of Oscura as part of his masters of Animation and Interactive Media program at RMIT university, Melbourne. The project was awarded a prize of Excellence for Best Interactive, which is presented yearly by Chocolate Liberation Front (CLF), an award-winning multi-platform entertainment company focused on the development and production of games, online content, television series and films.

Impressed by the quality of his prototype, CLF worked with Ole to develop and produce the first Oscura game, which garnered multiple awards on its release in 2011. Oscura Second Shadow is a sequel to the original game, designed and developed by Ole with support from CLF.

Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, Chocolate Liberation Front are best known for their work on the animated series The Adventures of Figaro Pho as well as the Figaro Pho games, available on the App Store.  Chocolate Liberation Front are the recipients of an Australian Academy Award, 3 Kidscreen Awards 2 Asian Television Awards and a UN Peace Award. Clients include: Nickelodeon /MTV,  ABC3, The Kratt Brothers, Working Dog, PBS and ACMI.


About the Publisher

Surprise Attack Games is an Australian indie games label, working with amazing creators to bring remarkable games to players worldwide.

Launched in July 2013, Surprise Attack Games provides an instant publishing team to small developers, bringing expertise, manpower and resources to bear on their games whilst leaving creative control in their hands.

With a team exclusively staffed by gamers and lead by industry veterans who previously held senior roles at companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment, THQ and Popcap, we’ve left the AAA world behind because we love the explosion of creativity in the independent scene and the freedom that comes with being small and nimble.

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