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SBS launches interactive documentary about international student experiences

SBS today launched an online interactive documentary, Convenient Education, which explores the experiences and challenges faced by international students, focusing on the Indian student community in Victoria in 2009 and 2010.

Convenient Educationis being launched to coincide with International Student Day and features a 35 minute linear documentary, accompanied by 20 shorter contextual videos and profiles. Viewers can comment throughout the main videos, sharing their reaction to the documentary with other viewers.

Convenient Educationis told from the points of view of the students, the education sector and the Victorian and Federal governments and was commissioned by SBS, produced by Chocolate Liberation Front, and received support from Screen Australia and Film Victoria. The story was directed by first-time filmmakers David Elliot-Jones, Louis Dai and Lachlan McLeod.

SBS Director Online and Emerging Platforms Marshall Heald said: “Convenient Education tells the story of the issues faced by international students in three acts: hope, reality and the aftermath. The issues faced were emotional and often divisive so it is important to give viewers the opportunity to share their opinions and responses to what they are seeing.”

“All comments viewers make throughout the documentary remain online for other viewers to see as they watch. Like other recent SBS online projects, the video is rich and full screen.”

Screen Australia Investment Manager Mike Cowap said: “Each of Convenient Education’s filmmakers are young and new to the industry, reflecting Screen Australia’s commitment to innovative forms of documentary storytelling, as well as supporting emerging talents in the industry. It also represents rich collaboration between documentary talent and digital expertise.”

Convenient Education is available to viewers across the world and importantly, will reach prospective international students, the Indian-Australian community, as well as younger and online audiences.

The documentary provides first-hand experiences of numerous students. Spokespeople from the education sector and governments, including former Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock, provide insight into the mechanics of the system and what contributed to some issues which arose.

‘Convenient Education’ can be viewed at from Friday 16 November and will be available to view online until at least 2015.


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