Banter - Things we like - Oscura

CLF hearts lots of things.

Asimo the Robot. Snickerdoodle biscuits. Swim-up bars.

We also heart Oscura and think its quite possibly the raddest game ever. So its gratifying to know that we’re not the only ones to think this way. 

Oscura’s been getting some great reviews, especially with its release on Android. said Oscura was ‘one of five Android games that give Mario a run for his money’. Androidfunk said it was ‘something that every Limbo fan should definitely have on their smart phone.’ And got straight to the point, saying ‘just buy Oscura.’ 

Video reviewers have been loving Oscura too. Its a hit in Spain, and we have no idea what these guys are saying about Oscura, but we’re pretty sure they’re enjoying it!

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