Banter - Chocolate Liberation Front Expands and Will Soon Take Over the World

CLF is pleased to welcome two new operatives to the team: Lindsay Lipson and Katy Morrison.

Lindsay will be taking on the role of Business Affairs & Studio Manager, responsible for ensuring that CLF continues on its onward and upward journey towards world domination. Lindsay’s favourite type of chocolate is dark mint.

Katy is chief Truffle Wrangler and will be mainly occupied with ensuring that CLF is stocked with enough chocolates to survive any apocolyptic scenario, including plagues of zombies and nuclear winters. Her favourite chocolate is the kind that comes wrapped around coffee beans.

CLF is also pleased to announce that Amy Alexander has secured the role of Digital Media Intern specialising in animation and design. Amy loves snickerdoodles, her collection of wristwatches and enjoys putting things into groups according to height. Amy will be turning her formidable artistic talents to Wonderland and Figaro Pho; and will be working on the Figaro website.

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