Banter - Wild Kratts games go global!

CLF would like to announce the expansion the of Wild Kratts digital property into 3 new languages! Thanks to the sales team at 9 Story, select packages of the wildly popular online games developed by CLF have been licensed to Discovery Kids Latin America and VRT (Belgium) and translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Flemish languages.

The games, star Martin and Chris Kratt, and teach kids about the earth’s wildlife by introducing them to amazing creature powers, launched on (US) and in December (2011) to tremendous popularity and acclaim. This marks the first of CLF’s digital projects to be translated, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Wild Kratts Interactive was produced by Chocolate Liberation Front for The Kratt Brothers, 9Story , TVOntario and PBS with funding from The Bell New Media Fund and The OMDC.

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