Banter - The Adventures of Figaro is going to be fantastic!


As we are working on the TV series The Adventures of Figaro Pho, based on the award winning shorts for ABC TV, we are getting more and more excited! The scripts are hilarious and the artwork coming from the amazing Deane Taylor and the super talented team at Vishus Productions (creator Luke Jurevicius’ studio) is gorgeous. 

And with the animation team headed up by animation director David Webster we just know it will come to life like a dream. Exciting times ahead!

The Adventures of Figaro Pho is a 13 x half hour high quality cgi series that takes an absurd and comedic journey through the world of a lovable character riddled with phobias.

The Adventures of Figaro Pho is based on the shorts that were originally created for ABC TV that cleaned up at the Kidscreen 2009 awards, including Best Animation Series in The World, Best Overall Animation and Best Direction as voted on by international children’s broadcasters.

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